Greenpeace Launch The Wrongmove Campaign



Yesterday in Preston, saw the launch of the “Wrongmove” campaign. This campaign highlights the legal problem that Cuadrilla have if they want to drill under YOUR home, and gives you the chance to show your opposition to fracking in the Fylde.

This is how it works: if you don’t want Cuadrilla to be allowed to pump toxic fluids under your home, you can say so. Then, any drilling there becomes trespassing and Cuadrilla would be breaking the law if they did so.

IMG_2414All you have to do is declare that your home is ‘Not for Shale’ and you will be added to the growing legal block to stop fracking where you live. After just 24 hours there are already over 14,000 households in the UK who have signed up to this initiative!

But you need to act quickly, as there are hints that the government will soon try to change the law to support their dash for gas.

Input up your postcode and join the legal block now at . It will only take a few seconds!

Please do this now as this is a very important initiative fight to ensure that the Fylde is not sacrificed for a badly regulated a short term energy fix.

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