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Defend Lytham St Annes – Position on Fracking

Anna's Road

Anna’s Road – Lytham

Defend Lytham St Annes believe that, until it can be proven that the end-to-end process of fracking is safe, and that its negative impacts can be avoided, fracking must not be allowed to go ahead in this area.

  • Fracking is an unproven and risky technology, which presents a clear threat to our town.
  • Fracking will have an inevitable negative impact on the amenity value of the local area.
  • Fracking will damage already fragile local industries like tourism and agriculture.
  • Fracking could have a potentially devastating and permanent impact on our local environment.
  • Fracking has been associated with significant adverse health impacts which are a cause for serious concern.
  • Fracking is minimally regulated and has no specific regulatory framework or monitoring associated with it, as called for by the Royal Society/RAE before it can continue.

As a result we are are asking for your support in calling for a moratorium on fracking until the issues above are satisfactorily addressed.

Please sign our petition by following this link

We shall be updating this website with further information about this campaign shortly.

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