Scruples Controversy

It would seem that the ParkView4U proposals for the Scruples site have caused some controversy.

There is a petition/questionnaire being done on the front which describes the Park View proposals as being for “Development to a Children’s Play Area and Cafe”.

This was of some concern to us as we were not aware of any suggestion that a Class 3 designation eat-in facility was being proposed, so we have taken the question up with ParkView4U directly.

They assure us that the proposal is not to have any sort of cafe or eat-in facility. Nothing more than an ice cream / snack cabin like the one at Park View is envisaged and absolutely refute any suggestion that there are any plans for anything bigger. No planning application has yet been submitted to Fylde Borough Council.

We would suggest that you should treat any suggestions to the contrary with caution.

As we have previously stated we believe that people should take the time to see what is really being proposed and to weigh up the alternatives before completing the consultation document on the FBC web site . ParkView4U will be holding a “Pop Up Beach Event” on 14th & 15th September so you can quiz them there.

We understand that FBC will continue to accept responses for the next 2 weeks.

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