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United Utiliies

Action: Contact UU regarding fracking

United Utilities have announced that they are in discussion with Cuadrilla over arrangements for “potential opportunities for working together”


They also have a consultation open on their Water Resources Management Plan.

Please email them at water.resources@defra.gsi.gov.uk, using the heading “United Utilities Water Resources Management Plan 2013” making it clear to them that it is unacceptable that they either

  • allow fracking companies to use their land, which in many cases is in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • supply water in the volumes required to these companies to the possible detriment of domestic supplies, and with possible pollution to ground and surface water as a result.

Frack Free Lancashire

Fracking In the UK

Fracking The UK

If you want to learn about fracking this book comes highly recommended!

"Untrustworthy, unbalanced and potentially brain washing." - Amazon Review - Yes the industry hates this book that much :-)