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Housing in the Fylde

Are you concerned by the proliferation on new housing developments?

Do you wonder why Fylde Council are allowing them to happen?

Counterbalance has an article which every concerned resident in the Fylde should read. It concerns our old friend Cllr Trevor Fiddler and his interpretation of council decisions.

These decisions have a direct impact on whether YOU get a new housing estate on YOUR doorstep so that the council can maximise its income from Central Government. Yes, we find that hard to stomach too,

It can be found here – http://www.counterbalance.org.uk/latest/2faced.htm

As ever we are extremely grateful to Counterbalance for their vigilance and attention to detail.

Mike Hill to speak at IET seminar

Defend Lytham are pleased to announce that Mike Hill, Chartered Engineer from St. Annes and BREF EU Commission Member MTWR (incl. shale gas) will be one of the speakers at a Seminar held by the Institution of Engineering and Technology on Tuesday May 20th 2014.

The main speakers are:-

Professor Paul Younger, for the RS/RAEng Working Group on Fracking
John Blaymires, CEO IGas
Andrew Dobbie, OUGO
Michael Hill, Chartered Engineer
Prof Sharon Clarke , Manchester Business School

The RS/RAE produced a report in June 2012 “ A Review of Hydraulic Fracturing “ which made 10 recommendations, but as only one of these has actually been implemented by the government, the debate should prove lively and informative.

With the recent announcement of 8 shale gas wells to be hydraulically fractured in the Fylde, this topic will be of interest to all watching the development of this new industry.

The meeting will be held at: – Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington between 12:25 and 17:30

Greenpeace Launch The Wrongmove Campaign



Yesterday in Preston, saw the launch of the “Wrongmove” campaign. This campaign highlights the legal problem that Cuadrilla have if they want to drill under YOUR home, and gives you the chance to show your opposition to fracking in the Fylde.

This is how it works: if you don’t want Cuadrilla to be allowed to pump toxic fluids under your home, you can say so. Then, any drilling there becomes trespassing and Cuadrilla would be breaking the law if they did so.

IMG_2414All you have to do is declare that your home is ‘Not for Shale’ and you will be added to the growing legal block to stop fracking where you live. After just 24 hours there are already over 14,000 households in the UK who have signed up to this initiative!

But you need to act quickly, as there are hints that the government will soon try to change the law to support their dash for gas.

Input up your postcode and join the legal block now at http://www.wrongmove.org/ . It will only take a few seconds!

Please do this now as this is a very important initiative fight to ensure that the Fylde is not sacrificed for a badly regulated a short term energy fix.

Mark Menzies – Defend Lytham ask him for answers on shale gas

Mark Menzies MP

Mark Menzies MP

Defend Lytham has sent a list of 38 questions relating to shale gas extraction to local MP Mark Menzies and will publish his responses on our web site.

The extensive list of questions can be found at


John Hobson of Defend Lytham commented :

“ Shale gas operations in the UK are being forced through at breakneck speed, with little concern for regulation, and it is time we started to see exactly where our local and national politicians stand on this issue. We hope that Mr Menzies responses will give us all the reassurance that we need.”

Update 26/9/13

It seems from today’s LSE that Mark Menzies has received our list of questions

“A spokesman for Mr Menzies’ office confirmed the letter had been received and would be answered directly”

We look forward very much to receiving some reassuring answers!

Scruples Controversy

It would seem that the ParkView4U proposals for the Scruples site have caused some controversy.

There is a petition/questionnaire being done on the front which describes the Park View proposals as being for “Development to a Children’s Play Area and Cafe”.

This was of some concern to us as we were not aware of any suggestion that a Class 3 designation eat-in facility was being proposed, so we have taken the question up with ParkView4U directly.

They assure us that the proposal is not to have any sort of cafe or eat-in facility. Nothing more than an ice cream / snack cabin like the one at Park View is envisaged and absolutely refute any suggestion that there are any plans for anything bigger. No planning application has yet been submitted to Fylde Borough Council.

We would suggest that you should treat any suggestions to the contrary with caution.

As we have previously stated we believe that people should take the time to see what is really being proposed and to weigh up the alternatives before completing the consultation document on the FBC web site . ParkView4U will be holding a “Pop Up Beach Event” on 14th & 15th September so you can quiz them there.

We understand that FBC will continue to accept responses for the next 2 weeks.


It seems that there is a certain amount of misinformation being circulated about the ParkView4U proposals for the Scruples area on the front.

We have heard that there are petitions being circulated describing the plans as being for a commercial development with a large cafe and merry-go-rounds.

The reality as described here http://www.parkview4u.org.uk/sand-and-water-play/ sounds rather different to us.

We would urge everyone to visit the Pop Up Beach Day on 14th & 15th September at the site to see what is really being proposed before making up their minds about whether the proposal is appropriate or not. We shall certainly be there.

Annoyingly the Fylde borough consultation at http://www.fylde.gov.uk/council/scruplesconsultation on the proposals only runs until 12th September, before the Pop Up Beach day takes place. Maybe they could be persuaded to accept comments after that date as well?

It is important that the various options for the site are weighed up, but Defend Lytham can see no reason to reject ParkView4U’s proposal on the grounds that is is a commercial enterprise. As far as we can tell it won’t be, and ParkView4u have a superb track record in sensitively developing and improving community assets.

Defend Lytham is not against development. It is against inappropriate development and another part of our brief is “To encourage the development of facilities for the public benefit.”

If the ParkView4U proposals are inappropriate we will, of course, challenge them. We don’t think this can or should be done before we have had a chance to see what is being proposed.

The Defend Lytham Newsletter

We sent out a newsletter to all subscribers today

If you are not on our distribution list you can see it here


If you would like to be added to our list you can join here http://eepurl.com/nPzRn

Action: Contact UU regarding fracking

United Utilities have announced that they are in discussion with Cuadrilla over arrangements for “potential opportunities for working together”


They also have a consultation open on their Water Resources Management Plan.

Please email them at water.resources@defra.gsi.gov.uk, using the heading “United Utilities Water Resources Management Plan 2013” making it clear to them that it is unacceptable that they either

  • allow fracking companies to use their land, which in many cases is in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • supply water in the volumes required to these companies to the possible detriment of domestic supplies, and with possible pollution to ground and surface water as a result.

Defend Lytham Launch

LaunchOn Saturday morning Defend Lytham launched our campaign against fracking in Lytham Square.

The weather wasn’t kind and there were only a few brave souls braving the cold and wet weather – and us.

In spite of the conditions we were delighted that so many made the effort to come and speak to us and discuss the issues around fracking, and we must thank Bob for the very kind loan of his gazebo to keep us and the petition as dry as was possible!

We collected nearly 100 signatures for our petition in a couple of hours and we met some great people who, like us, are very concerned about what is happening and how it is being rushed though by the government. We even had one gentleman who had cycled all the way from Blackpool through the wind and rain just to sign our petition.

Farmers MarketWe had a dry run (no rain!) at the farmers’ market on the Thursday before and would like to thank Robert Silverwood of the Lowther Cafe for his assistance here.

We intend to keep a local presence going on as many Saturdays as we can and we look forward to meeting many more of you over the coming weeks.

Defend Lytham to launch campaign for a fracking moratorium

Defend Lytham will be launching a campaign, calling for a moratorium on fracking in the local area, in Lytham Square on Saturday, 18th May at 12pm.

We shall have a stall with our supporters ready to answer your questions on fracking and we have asked the local press to be there to report on the event.

Lytham Square

Lytham Square

We look forward to seeing you there!

Frack Free Lancashire

Fracking In the UK

Fracking The UK

If you want to learn about fracking this book comes highly recommended!

"Untrustworthy, unbalanced and potentially brain washing." - Amazon Review - Yes the industry hates this book that much :-)