Defend Lytham Media Reaction to the Annas Road Abandonment

Here are links to our radio interviews with Radio Wave and Radio Lancashire today

Radio Wave carried a short interview this morning – listen by clicking here

Radio Lancashire had a headline item featuring Mr Egan and his Pink Footed Geese and Whooper Swans (or should they be “whopper” swans?) – listen by clicking here

Radio Lancashire carried a longer piece with an interview with John Hobson of Defend Lytham in the main News section of the Drive Time programme clicking here

It is interesting to note that when asked by Judy Hobson during this interview “have there been conditions like this put on any of your other sites” Mr Egan responds with an unequivocal “No”

However, when Cuadrilla were in court in 2012 and the question of their having worked for 3 months beyond their existing planning permission was raised, we learned from Stuart Perigo Head, of Planning from Lancashire County Council, that “by drilling in winter they had failed to meet a key condition to safeguard bird life from the adjacent Ribble Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest. The defence argued that this may have resulted in a breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

It’s never easy to know how much we can expect Mr Egan to remember when he is interviewed, but we do like to remind him after the event of the things that slip his mind.

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