Defend Lytham Respond to Fracking Survey

Defend Lytham read with interest the findings of the new “Britain Thinks Survey” from Cuadrilla. Two things stand out from it.

Firstly the huge discrepancy between these reported survey results and national polls by YouGov, executed at about the same time, which show clearly that local people are very wary of fracking their local area. YouGov suggest that 46% oppose fracking their own area whilst only 25% support it.

Secondly the supposed benefits that most local people identify are jobs and cheaper energy.

It is ironic that these survey results were issued the day after job estimates for the entire UK industry were slashed by more than two thirds in a study by AMEC for the DECC(2). Direct and indirect job estimates for the entire UK industry, based on a report from the Institute of Directors in June (74,000), were slashed by more than two thirds in a study by AMEC for the DECC (15,900- 24,300). The AMEC study also shows that any employment is likely to last only 4-9 years and that so far local people have only been given 17% of any jobs.

We already know that Cuadrilla have admitted that fracking won’t bring cheaper energy.

What these survey results show is the a lot of local people are going to be very disappointed if shale gas extraction is allowed in the Fylde, because research shows that the benefits they expect are extremely unlikely to materialise.

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