Nice to see some balanced reporting

In today’s Lytham St Annes Express our letter commenting on Councillor Armit’s letter was published – slightly edited down, but it had been a detailed response.

Immediately after it (in the interests of balance we imagine) was a letter from our old friend David Haythornthwaite.

It was quite bizarre to read his comments as David, as many of you will know, was once the vice-chairman of Defend Lytham!

Now it seems David has done all the Defending he thinks is necessary and is pushing fracking with every letter he writes to the local press. (And he has written several).

It’s ironic that not very long ago he was using the threat of letting the site at Greenlands Farm be used for fracking (or David’s other bête noire – “social housing” ) as a means of getting approval for his football ground!

Greenlands farm

Greenlands farm

But that’s in the past, and as we can see, things and people change.

Now David is hoping we all get behind “the project” so we don’t miss this “golden opportunity”.

It does seem peculiar that somebody can spend two years complaining about the impact of a housing development on the town and then ignore the incalculably greater negative impact that fracking will have.

It’s like complaining about a wasp’s nest and ignoring the articulated lorry which is about to run you over from behind.

We do hope he wakes up before it’s too late!


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