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There are several ideas open to consultation with FBC for the Scruples site on Lytham sea front



These include

  • A proposal involving interpretation, artwork, hard and soft landscaping, and seating
  • A proposal involving a sand and water play feature with a catering concession to provide sustainable funding to cover the additional maintenance required
  • A proposal to locate beach huts similar to the ones being out in St Anne’s
  • An unspecified commercial use (café/leisure concession)

There seems to have been some misinformation about the second of these options, suggesting that it was to include a full-blown cafe. We are assured that this is not the case, and that a cabin similar to that at Park View is all that is proposed.

Defend Lytham will support any credible initiative to turn this derelict area into something which is positive for the town, but would resist anything which might create a precedent for further commercial development at other locations along the sea front.

As such either of the first two options would be be acceptable subject to suitable planning permission and restrictions. The last two would not.

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